Olabisi Lab


Collaboration is essential for Impactful Science

We are proud of our productive collaborations with fellow scientists, community partners and most importantly, patients and healthy volunteers that participated in our studies. 


Nadine Barrett, Wake Forest School of Medicine

Collaborators at Duke University

  1. Christopher Newgard (DMPI)
  2.  Allison Ashley-Koch (DMPI)
  3. Deborah Muoio (DMPI)
  4. Thomas Becker (DMPI)
  5. Guofang Zhang (DMPI)
  6. Paul Rosenberg (DMPI)
  7. James Bain (DMPI)
  8. Rasheed Gbadegesin (DMPI)
  9. Gentzon Hall (DMPI)
  10. Sara Miller

Collaborators in the Community and  Organizations

  1. AME Zion HEAL (Health Equity, Advocates and Liaisons), NC
  2. River Church, Durham, NC
  3. Enon Terbanacle Baptist Church, PA
  4. NephCure
  6. Icagen 

Collaborators in Africa

  1. Dwomoa Adu, Ghana
  2. Debo Ademola, Nigeria
  3. Timothy Olanrewaju, Nigeria
  4. Yemi Raji, Nigeria
  5. Kemi Amodu, Nigeria